Corporate Social Responsibility at VARO Group

Sustainable Energy

Solar Energy

On the roof of our headquarter, we have installed about 500 solar panels on our roof with 3 inverters will give us approximately 190.000 KWh per year – of course mostly during the summer season – and theoretically we should get about 80% of our consumption covered. We do so, in order to contribute to the industry’s transition to more sustainable long-term operations as well as UN’s Global Goal Nr. 12.2 (to ensure our sustainable use of natural resources).

We strive to be zero emitters/consumers of external power by 2027.

Wind Power

Through our power provider, we have chosen to receive power exclusively from renewable energy in the form of wind power from Danish wind turbines, thereby supporting our country’s transition to renewable energy.

Our community

It is very important to VARO that we contribute actively and positively to our local community.

We do this by supporting local eateries at events and hospitality, by sponsoring our local festival Rosenholm Festival, by helping to fund a new multi-court for our local school, and by taking on trainees and opening up our facilities and knowledge to Hornslet School. For example, we have hosted classes for innovation projects and digital education. In doing so, we actively contribute to making a difference to our local area.


VARO makes active efforts to support the environment both indoors and outdoors. For example, we actively contribute by promoting wild nature on our approximately 2,000 square meters of grasslands as partners in the Danish Association “Vild med Vilje” (in English: Wild with Nature). We work to create a greater diversity of plants and animals on our grounds – to the benefit of nature, our employees and the local community. We are proud to be the first partners from the industrial sector to join “Vild med Vilje”.

>> Read more about our concrete efforts here. 

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