Pick and place packaging line for complex packaging tasks

VARO's pick and place packaging solution is a fully automized packaging system, which carries out complex sorting and packaging tasks. The system can pick, mix and pack up to 5 different products from the same production line, using a high speed scanning system. It can also handle different types and shapes of trays and cartons, including glue and tape-free packaging.

This makes it possible to meet the increasing retail demand for full flexibility in the mixing and packaging of products.

High speed packaging

The VARO pick and place packaging line can sort and pack up to 400 units / min. depending on product and packaging patterns. This makes it a highly efficient packaging system for large volume production facilities.

The pick and place packaging line is modular build, which means that the number of packaging robots, assembly lines and lanes can vary. Also functions like labelling, metal detection, quality control with machine vision (read more at Trivision.dk) and palletizing can be added - leaving you with a complete VARO production line.

Modular packaging solution

The VARO pick and place packaging solution is a modular build standard unit. This makes it possible to adapt the solution to your specific product and packaging needs: you can choose how many robots, conveyor lines and lanes you need in your set-up. The unit handles a number of different packaging patterns and can quickly change from one to another. This makes for a highly flexible and strong packaging solution.

See the video about our pick and place packaging solution and feel free to contact us for more information.

  • High speed packaging - up to 400 units / min.
  • Pick, mix and pack up to 5 different products
  • Modular built solution - adapted to your production needs
  • Quick change between packaging patterns
  • Can handle glue and tape-free packaging

Material: Stainless steel & glass blasted surfaces

Elements: ABB standard robots, Conveyor line, lanes

Product detection: Sick IVP 3D

Mix: Up to 5 different products

Product weight: max. 8 kg

Product size: depends on other specifications

  • Folding box erector
  • Tray erector
  • Metal detector
  • Vision detection
  • Lid / cover attachment
  • Labelling
  • Printing
  • Palletizing
  • Wrapping
Niels Jensen CEO & Sales Director Denmark

+45 21 72 59 89
Lars Øbro Sales Director, Americas & Asia

+1 (281) 777 5115
Michael Andersen Sales Director, Europe

+45 52 14 45 20

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