Sterile Petri Dish Filling Line

VARO’s petri dish filling line cools and packs petri dishes. Everything is made under completely sterile conditions in order to avoid contamination.

The filling system is available in to versions:

  • Small flexible system Easy changeover between medias and petri dish sizes. Controlled by 1 operator.
  • Multi-lane system High capacity unit with several lanes. Adaptable in number of lanes and lane length.

Both systems are highly flexible and can continuously be adapted to media type and quantity. The systems can also handle filling of multiple-room petri dishes and have very low operator requirements.

Filling of multiple-room petri dishes

The sterile filling line for petri dishes from VARO can separate, align, fill and control multi-space dishes with up to 6 compartments. All processes are carried out under sterile conditions so that no contamination occurs.

Pharma quality

VARO has been supplying the pharmaceutical industry for over 20 years. We therefore have extensive experience in supplying equipment that meets the industry's high requirements in terms of documentation, traceability and hygiene.

The filling system is designed for class C / 10,000 and fulfills all clean room requirements. In addition, great care was taken in the design and construction to eliminate the risk of product accumulation. All components and surfaces are easily accessible and free of irregularities, cracks or gaps, which enables thorough and efficient cleaning.

The filling line is modular, which makes it possible to change the size of the petri dishes or other elements easily. The control panel and menus are user-friendly and easy to use. The work processes are simple and logical and the entire filling line can be operated by one operator.

For sterile filling in the pharmaceutical industry, we at VARO have also considered in particular that the machine is designed with the greatest possible accessibility for maintenance as well as for the repair and replacement of wearing parts.

High capacity filling of agar

The sterile filling machine can fill melted agar aseptically in multi-compartment petri dishes. The filling system has a capacity of 3,200 units per hour.

The machine fills agar liquid with or without additives in petri dishes, after which the petri dishes are cooled in a separate cooling tunnel. The product name, batch number, shelf life and CE marking can be stated on the underside of the trays. Finally, they are stacked in groups and can be wrapped in strech wrap.

Automatic alignment of the petri dishes

The sterile filling, the removal of the lid and the application of the lid are carried out under encapsulated conditions. In order to avoid misalignment of the petri dish in relation to the filling process, the machine automatically aligns the petri dish (please watch our video). If a petri dish is missing or upside down, the system detects this and stops the process, and the operator is informed of the error.

Smooth and even agar surface

The agar surface is filled smoothly and evenly without waves and bubbles. The droplets on the filling nozzles prevent agar from dripping onto the outside of lids or dishes. After filling, the petri dishes can be cooled in a separate cooling tunnel until the agar medium solidifies and has reached the desired final temperature. The cooling air is dehumidified to avoid condensation on the agar surface or in the Petri dish lid.

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