Who is VARO?

VARO develops automation equipment, which optimizes your production and ensures a consistently high level of quality. We have made production equipment since 1935, and we know how to make the very best solutions.

COMPETENCIES At VARO we have a wide variety of in-house competencies. This means that we can efficiently and professionally handle your project from analysis and idea to construction, assembly and installation. In other words: we have both the ideas and the right people to bring them to life.

SOLUTIONS VARO makes both customized and standard equipment. Our  customized equipment is made for those unique production processes, where standard equipment just doesn’t cut it. It may be a simple solution or a complex production process. Our  standard equipment  is quality solutions, which are based on well-tested technologies and processes.

INDUSTRIES Over the years we have supplied equipment to a number of different industries. During recent years, many of our activities have been within the life science and food industries, which has definitely raised the bar for our product development.

However, at VARO we first and foremost focus on functionalities, techniques and solutions – and less on specific industries. So please do not hesitate to contact us for a further dialogue.

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