Automatic Packaging with Dry Ice

VAROs automatic packaging machine with dry ice secures an unbrocken cold-chain through-out the complete logistical system and secures:

  • high speed packaging
  • fresh products
  • flexibility
  • hygienic design

Hygienic packaging with dry ice for medicine or food products

VARO has extensive experience with machinery for the pharmaceutical industry, such as petri dish filling machines, inspection machines for ampoules as well as web converting units. We therefore have thorough knowledge and understanding within the demands of the life science and pharmaceutical industries in terms of hygiene, cleanroom environment and documentation. The dry ice packaging system can therefore also be supplied for packaging of medicine, such as the COVID-19 vaccine. Read more about our solutions and experience within life science here.

Complete, hygienic packaging unit with dry ice

A complete packaging line for refrigerated transportation of fresh meat, dairy products or medicine etc. including:

  • Erection of cardbord box
  • Dispensing of dry ice
  • Grouping and lifting of products
  • Product feeding in box
  • Closing and sealing of box
  • Feeding system for final packaging

The VARO packaging machine with dry ice is a high speed unit with an output of up to 80 pcs/min. and is very simple to operate.
Finally, the total turnkey system is constructed with hygienic design and easy cleaning in mind.

Packaging automation and use of dry ice pays off...

One of the largest European meat producers used to pack fresh meat in packs of 500g and 100g manually, but this was an expensive and time consuming process.

VARO presented a solution, where two new automatic case packers, including a dry ice dispensing unit and equipment for robotic palletization was installed.

Unbroken cold chain with VARO packaging system

First, the dry ice is filled in the empty cardboard box to secure an unbroken cold chain all the way to the customer. After filling and closing of the carton using a hot-melt process, they are moved to the automatic palletizing station. The capacity is set at 20 cartons / minute to be placed in a JIG carton.

Reduced 50% of expenses on manual labor

Financiallly, this packaging system has paid off for the meat producer, as four employees have been replaced by now only two workers overseeing the whole process. This system has been in operation for several years with documented success!

VAROs automatic packaging machine with dry ice for packaging of heat-sensitive products, such as medicine or fresh meat products.

Michael Andersen Sales Director, Europe

+45 52 14 45 20
Niels Jensen CEO & Sales Director, Denmark

+45 21 72 59 89
Lars Øbro Sales Director, Americas & Asia

+1 (281) 777 5115

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