Setting new standards for filling

When Danish biotech company Novozymes was looking for a new filling line, they had difficulties finding a solution that met their high hygienic filling standards.

As a consequence, Novozymes reached out to Danish engineering company VARO, which has made customized machinery for decades. Jesper Hansen, who works as a Global Technical Specialist for Novozymes, explains: “It quickly became clear to us, that the existing solutions on the market just couldn’t live up to our ambitious requirements and that we needed to look elsewhere. With VARO we could get exactly the solution we wanted.”

Complete customized filling line

As VARO and Novozymes entered into a close dialogue, the project began to take shape. “It was a collaborate effort from the beginning and VARO took all our requirments into account” Jesper Hansen explains.

The VARO filling line was installed in 2011. The system handles the complete filling process from depalletising to filling, capping and palletising. It has a number of unique advantages, such as more accurate and quicker filling, less waste, full traceability and easier cleaning and maintenance.

Flexible filling

Jesper Hansen points to the central filling module as a key aspect: “The fact that the lances works independently means that we have a very high level of flexibility. The lances do not have to “wait” for each other, but can continue the filling process regardless of the actual operations of the other lances ”.

High accuracy

The accuracy of the filling process itself is also extremely important for Novozymes. “Precision is always important, but it becomes absolutely crucial when you fill jerry cans down to 5L with a high-end product like ours. With the VARO technology we continuously meet our high accuracy goals”.

Accessible machinery

The easy access to the central parts of the machinery has also made a big difference in everyday operations: “It is much easier for technicians to visually inspect the machine and carry out cleaning and maintenance. That saves a lot of time and man hours” says Jesper Hansen and finally adds: “All in all we are very content with the system. VARO has developed a unique piece of equipment, which has helped us set new standards for our filling process.”

Learn more about our filling line here. 

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